Do You Have it in Stock?

We get this questions from customers at Office Furniture Concepts ( often: “Do you have it in stock?” The real answer is NO – WE don’t have it in stock, but our vendors DO. The common misconception of buyers is that a company needs to have an item in stock to ship quickly. The reality is that nearly no-one in the office furniture industry, especially those that have an online store, stocks anything these days. As a dealer, we all pull from the vendor’s stock and it ships directly to the end user.

While this may sound like a complicated process, it can really work to the buyer’s advantage. For example, one of the manufacturers that we work with has 28 distribution centers throughout the United States. For the buyer this means a quick turn around for shipment and a shorter distance for the item to travel. When shipping office furniture from a far distance, you run the risk of damage, so the less a box has to be handled and the shorter it has to travel, the better!

Overall, dealers have the ability to get your product to you quickly, regardless of whether it’s stocked at their facility or not. Happy shopping!


Mayline Receives Award for “Easiest Product to Install”

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Are you looking for an office furniture solution that’s not only affordable but also easy to install? Consider one of the many lines from Mayline available at Office Furniture Concepts – At the NeoCon 2014 show in Chicago INDEAL presented an award to Mayline for having the “Easiest Product to Install.” Mayline offers a wide variety of products from laminate office desks, wood veneer office desks, conference room solutions, bistro tables and chairs, along with seating, lounge furniture, cubicles and so much more!

INDEAL is an independent dealer association focused on adding value to dealers and suppliers in the contract furniture industry. The award is a result of a survey that INDEAL conducted with their dealer network on several different criteria.

For more information on Mayline’s product offering, please contact Office Furniture Concepts at 888-632-8480.


Office Furniture Concepts Takes Pinterest by Storm

office furniture concepts pinterest

That’s right folks, “Office Furniture Concepts Take Pinterest by Storm,” and you heard it here first! Ok – so maybe we’re not actually taking Pinterest by “storm”, but we thought it sounded cool! Office Furniture Concepts has joined the ranks of Pinterest and we would love for each and every person that’s reading this post to jump on the bandwagon and give us a follow. Chances are, we’ll follow you back!

Office Furniture Concepts’ Pinterest page will be used as an outlet to share our most recently added products, as well as motivational quotes, office organization ideas and so much more. And remember, sharing is caring so make sure to tell a friend (or three) about us!


Introducing Benching Systems/Open Plan Systems for Today’s Technology

Introducing Mayline e5

With Smart Phones and Tablets dramatically changing how and where business is conducted, the need for new concepts in the workplace have arrived. We are proud to introduce a new offering from Office Furniture Concepts – Benching Systems/Open Plan Workstations. This new category will feature many technology friendly components from manufacturers such as Mayline and Global. Our first live offering is e5 from Mayline. It is Easy to Specify, Easy to Install, Easy to Power, Easy to Re-Configure and Easy to Afford. The series meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA Standards and is Intertek Greenleaf VOC+ criteria. Please contact our Space Planning Professionals to help layout the Benching System that works best for your needs.


Mayline Super Hot Sale Extended Until March 31st!

Old Man Winter may not go away anytime soon, but that won’t stop us from extending a “HOT SALE !!!”.  Our Mayline Sale of veneer products will not only continue, but we have also added many of the Sorrento Series items. Now is the time to take advantage of Super Pricing on Napoli, Sorrento, Mira, Luminary and Corsica.  Sale Prices are in effect until March 31st. Check out these incredible prices on our website at Please contact us directly to answer any questions or if we can be of any further assistance.


Mayline Casegoods Super Sale

Mayline Super Sale

Check out our “HOT PRICES” on Mayline Casegoods. Many of the popular Napoli, Mira, Luminary and Corsica Series items have been drastically reduced. Take advantage of these awesome prices. All  prices include shipping and handling. Please consult our Free Shipping Policy for additional information. The Sale ends on March 3rd.  Office Furniture Concepts,, serving business large and small since 1988.


Will Ofconcepts Provide Service for Our Products?

I received a phone call yesterday from someone that purchased an office chair through Amazon. They were having issues and needed some replacement parts. I was advised that Amazon will only deal with their customer directly for 30 days from the date of purchase on any warranty issues. After 30 days, it is up to the purchaser to find help. At Office Furniture Concepts,, we service the products we sell with no time limit. We do the leg work and deal with the manufacturers for you. In most cases, if the problem is under factory warranty, there is no charge. If the problem is not a warranty situation and parts are still available, we will work with our manufacturers directly to get the problem solved. We highly value our customers and strive to provide the best customer service experience possible.


Does Office Furniture Concepts ( Charge Sales Tax?


Office Furniture Concepts,, only charges Sales Tax in the State of Pennsylvania. Current Federal Law only requires us to collect and remit taxes where there is a physical presence. Pennsylvania is the only state that we have a physical presence. According to Federal Law, which supersedes State Laws, it is the users’ responsibility to remit any applicable Sales Taxes  directly to their state for out of state purchases and Internet purchases from an out of state vendor. This is called a Use Tax. This does not apply to Tax Exempt organizations.  For additional information on this policy, we highly recommend that you contact your accountant.

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What is the Cheapest and Easiest Way to Get Replacement Keys for Office Furniture?


As people come and go in the workplace, it is a common situation for office furniture keys to be misplaced or lost. This usually pertains to either files or desks. When new equipment is purchased, the standard is to receive 2 keys for each lock. What we tell customers when they purchase new equipment is to take one of the keys and put it in a central place. In the event that a key is lost or misplaced, it is easy to find the backup. Unfortunately, in many cases, the keys are never split and both are lost. The easiest thing to do is to contact the office furniture dealer you purchased the item from since they should have a specific record of what was purchased. The dealer can then contact the manufacturer to get you a replacement. It usually takes a few days and normally it is a nominal charge. However, if the need for a replacement key is more pressing, and access is immediately needed, the best thing to do is to contact a local locksmith. Many times a locksmith can get a duplicate key by just being provided a lock number, which is located directly on each lock.


How to Ensure You Get Paid in a Timely Fashion


Cash Flow is an incredibly important part of running a successful business. As our business has matured, we have been able to implement some programs to improve our cash flow. We deal primarily with Business and Government customers. Many customers prefer to use Purchase Orders, but we are also seeing a significant amount of business transactions where the customer wants to use a credit card.

Credit card users get points and airline miles, which is becoming more popular. Although there are fees involved, now running approximately 3%, it is advantageous for your businesses to accept credit cards as a form of payment. Due to the amount of fraud that exists, we charge each credit card at the time of purchase and have little or no customer issues. When dealing with corporate Purchase Orders, Google is an incredible tool to research a company to see if they are credit worthy. It is important to bill customers when you are invoiced and then following up to make sure the invoice is in their system to be paid. On projects where there is a longer leadtime, we get deposits of 50% to help with the cash flow. It is not uncommon today for large companies to pay beyond 30 days, so managing the accounts receivable is an important function, especially for small businesses.

The best advice I can give when extending credit is to go with your instincts and gut reaction. If it doesn’t feel right, get paid up front. There have been times that we have reluctantly given credit and unfortunately it was a bad decision. As a business owner who prides himself in paying our bills on time, getting burnt for money is a very unpleasant experience. Nothing is foolproof, but by spending the time to follow procedures will minimize your exposure to bad debts or fraud.


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