Can I Order Inside Delivery and Setup Online?

In order to get a price for inside delivery and set up, you must talk directly to an OFConcepts representative by either phone or e-mail. We have a nationwide network of professional installers that can assist with this service. Since no two deliveries are the same, we must collect pertinent information related to the install to quote a price. In general, the most important factors pertain to issues such as installation times. Many commercial buildings do not permit deliveries/installations during normal business hours. In situations such as these, installers are required to complete their service after hours  and have to pay their crews overtime. It is best to consult with the building management prior to delivery/installation to determine if there are any restrictions or requirements for your building.

Also, logistic information such as the availability of a loading dock or freight elevator will affect the price. Installations that require a liftgate (if there is no loading dock) or stairs (if there is no elevator) will be more time consuming and more expensive. After consulting with an OFConcepts representative, the customer will be advised of the charges involved. In the event that Inside Delivery and Set Up are not required, OFConcepts will instruct the delivery company to contact you at least 24 hours prior to delivery. This will enable you to have the necessary resources available to accept the delivery with minimal problems. For additional information, please contact OFConcepts directly.


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