How to Get the Word Out When Starting a New Business

hand holding yellow business card

When the dealership was originally opened, the most significant marketing tool available at the time was “The Yellow Pages.” Unfortunately, the books were only printed once a year. Based on our physical location, we wanted to market to a 20 mile radius. This meant we would have to advertise in 5 editions, all with different release dates and most of them being months away from the start date. In an effort to get the word out to our target market, I spent a significant amount of time networking. It was not unusual for me to attend business card exchanges hosted by area Chamber of Commerce‘s and other local business groups a few nights a week. It was a very gradual thing, but it eventually paid big dividends for my business. After seeing my face numerous times, I started to get quality leads which eventually turned into sales. The office furniture business is very much a “people relationship” business and we deal primarily with professional business people.

The best advice I can give anyone starting a business, especially a local based business is: Network, Network, Network! If done on a consistent basis with the right people, success is much more easily attainable.

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