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Expand Your Work Surface with Corner Diagonals

Corner Diagonals, by ESI Ergonomic Solutions, are designed to convert an otherwise unusable 90 degree corner into viable workspace, providing the ability to mount an articulating arm and keyboard platform. All Corner Solutions are pre-drilled with holes positioned for easy installation of articulating arm and platform combinations. Corner Diagonals accommodate office furniture surfaces with thickness up to 1.375″.

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Economical Under Cabinet Lighting

The UCL Under Cabinet Lights by ESI Ergonomic Solutions are a more economical choice than those offered by systems furniture manufacturers. The black finish will blend into any environment and match any office furniture. The energy efficient T5 lamps used in the UCL Under Cabinet Light emit minimal heat while providing optimal illumination.

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Secure Your CPU & Mount Your Monitor All-In-One

ESI Ergonomic Solutions recently released a product called a Secure CPU & Monitor Mount. The all-in-one unit bolts directly to almost any office furniture work surface, helping to deter theft and unauthorized CPU tampering. The CPU & Monitor Mount supports monitors from 14″-22″ and is ideal for public environments such as educational and health-care facilities.

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Form and Function with a Mini-LED

ESI Ergonomic Solutions recently introduced a new LED light, which they call LED-Mini. This light features two arms and compact base with an on/off button. It is lightweight, has a small profile and most importantly, it saves energy! The LED-Mini has a 2.5W, 30,000-hour lamp life with a 6400K color temperature. This light should fit perfectly on any office desk or any piece of office furniture you might need extra lighting on.

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