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How Do I Get Parts For My Chair To Get It Fixed?

We get many calls from individuals concerning parts for chairs they either purchased on received second hard. Unfortunately, the office furniture industry is not like many other industries, such as automobiles and electronics, where finding replacement pars for specific models is an easy process. There are so many manufacturers and models available in office seating that it is sometimes very difficult if not impossible to get replacement parts. Plus, there are very few standard parts used. Ideally, the best way to insure that parts can be obtained and chairs fixed, is to purchase the item from and authorized dealer for the item in question. In the even of a problem, you should have your records and can identify the model number. This information afford the dealer the opportunity to determine whether or not it is a warranty situation. They then can contact the specific manufacturer to get replacement parts. As an authorized dealer for many manufacturers such as OfficeStar, Norstar/Boss, OFM, Global, Mayline, Offices to Go and Balt, as long as parts are available and the items was purchased from us,, we can provide you with service after the sale to help you get the most out of your investment.

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