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Setting Up The Office Furniture Showroom

After I left my prior employer, I had exactly 4 weeks to get the office furniture showroom set up and ready for opening day. I found a nice space in an old textile mill that needed minimal renovations, paint and carpet. After hiring a paint contractor and ordering the carpet, I decided to take my pregnant wife and daughter on a long weekend vacation since it was anybody’s guess when I would be able to take some time off.

Upon my return, I then worked closely with area furniture wholesalers and furniture manufacturers to get both educated and also plan the showroom floor. After determining the appropriate product mix I placed an order and shortly after received the products. With the help of my good friends, we had a “Showroom Setup Party”.

Our next step was to purchase a mailing list of businesses’ in a 20 mile radius and have some flyers printed. We did a bulk mailing announcing the opening and in order to minimize expenses, we had 4 different flyers printed at the same time. Our plan was to do a mailing every 30 days. A news release mailing was sent to all area chamber of commerces’ and ads were placed in local business publications. A “Grand Opening” was scheduled, a mailing was sent to all members of the local chamber and the local newspaper was invited to cover the event.

We hit the ground running with a successful “Grand Opening” event and have never looked back. We have made many changes through the years and have tried to adapt to the ever-changing market. Keeping an open mind and being open to change will hopefully insure the continuesd long-term success of the business.

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