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Do You Have it in Stock?

We get this questions from customers at Office Furniture Concepts ( often: “Do you have it in stock?” The real answer is NO – WE don’t have it in stock, but our vendors DO. The common misconception of buyers is that a company needs to have an item in stock to ship quickly. The reality is that nearly no-one in the office furniture industry, especially those that have an online store, stocks anything these days. As a dealer, we all pull from the vendor’s stock and it ships directly to the end user.

While this may sound like a complicated process, it can really work to the buyer’s advantage. For example, one of the manufacturers that we work with has 28 distribution centers throughout the United States. For the buyer this means a quick turn around for shipment and a shorter distance for the item to travel. When shipping office furniture from a far distance, you run the risk of damage, so the less a box has to be handled and the shorter it has to travel, the better!

Overall, dealers have the ability to get your product to you quickly, regardless of whether it’s stocked at their facility or not. Happy shopping!

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